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An act you have never seen before! Uniquely combining two discplines, roller-blading and diabolos, Alexis is the very first artist to combine these two skills to create a thrilling new sensation. Funny, charming and engaging, Alexis captivates the mind of his audience with his subtle humor, his perfect mastery of diabolos, and his precise and fluid movements. Prepare yourselves to be enthralled by his unique style and seducing smile!

Technical Quote DiaboRollers

Pina Colada Act

Incredible showmanship and technical proficiency comes together in this funny, clownesque diabolo act. With his devastating glare, his seductive eyes and his champion-worthy hip thrusts, Alexis will transport you under the sun and palm trees of a remote tropical island. With his peculiar character, you'll be reminded of those times at the bar when you received some, perhaps exaggerated, attention.

Technical Quote Pina Colada Act

Cube Spinning

In a mere few months of practice, Alexis mastered this imposing and intense tool: the juggling cube. Mashing together incredible dexterity, perfect timing, and scenic mastery, this warrior-inspired act will transport you to the fields of Spartan battles. This is an act that guarantees to get your heart pumping and your eyes glowing with awe.

Technical QuoteJugglin Cube

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